Community Alleys


This policy statement is designed to outline the specific role that the MCA shall play in
the repair of concrete alleys located within the community. The MCA is the entity responsible for the major repair or replacement of all Park Creek Metropolitan District alleys located within the community. All alleys are under “Construction Warranty” for the first two years after substantial completion. Upon acceptance of each alley it shall then be placed into the annual alley inspection process. It is important to note that most if not all concrete alley surfaces will crack and show signs of wear during its usable lifespan (20+ Years).

Frequency of Inspection

Inspection of all alleys under the maintenance of the MCA shall be conducted every 12 months. The inspection process will occur each spring to allow for all of the freeze-thaw to be completed from the previous winter. From this inspection, a comprehensive list of all necessary repairs will be generated. The list will include location of failure, type of failure, and size of failure. From this list, the MCA shall begin work to repair the alley based on priority level detailed below.

Priority of Repairs

Priority Level 1 – Replacing Concrete Panels that have crumbled the full depth of the concrete.
Priority Level 2 – Replacing Heaved Concrete Panels greater than 2” that create a safety hazard.
Priority Level 3 – Replacing Sunken Concrete Panels where excessive standing water
accumulates (approximately 2”- 3” depth over 10’ – 15’ of surface area)

General Maintenance

Routine maintenance of alley surfaces is still the responsibility of the adjacent property owner or sub-association. Routine maintenance is defined as sweeping dirt, sand or standing water as well as normal snow removal. See Snow Removal Policy

Alley Violations

A.  Vehicles shall not be left or parked in alleyways. Vehicles shall only be parked inside a garage or carport. Driveway aprons (unless specifically identified as a parking apron) shall only be used for the speedy loading and unloading of goods or services. See MCA Parking Policy - Alleys
B.  It shall be prohibited for any non-landscape improvement installation be installed within any alley easement, without prior authorization from the MCA. The MCA shall order the removal of any installation it deems to be on Park Creek Metro District Property.
C.  Excessive overgrowth of bushes, trees and vegetation shall be prohibited. All growth shall be limited to 12 inches from any concrete surface, tree limbs shall not overhang any alley surface less than 7 feet. Occupants and/or owners are responsible for the cleaning and maintaining of the area from the rear property line to the center line of the ally easement.
This includes but is not limited to tree trimming, the cutting of weeds, the disposing of trash and snow. 
D.  It shall be prohibited to place any permanent installations in an alley easement or within 3 feet of any alley easement without written approval from the MCA. This may include but is not limited to: sports apparatuses, raised garden beds, trash enclosures, large rocks and bollards.
E.  The MCA shall order the removal of any article, vehicle or thing whatsoever found to be encumbering any alley, alley easement or alley right of way.

MCA Parking Policy – Alleys

It shall be prohibited for any person to park a vehicle within an alley except during the necessary and expeditious loading and unloading of merchandise or freight, and no person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle within an alley in such position as to encumber the driveway to any abutting/opposite side property or interfere with the free movement of traffic through an alley.
**Cars can temporarily park in alleys that are 30' wide (these alleys are identified with red concrete outside of the main drive line) as long as they do not inhibit access to a opposing garage access. Vehicles should not be stored in these locations.  

Reporting a Problem

Residents can report an alley problem, by visiting our website and using the report a complaint feature or by phone at 303-388-0724.