Community Standards and Violations 

As part of the neighborhood property maintenance efforts, the MCA conducts periodic inspections of residential properties, in addition to responding to our regular online complaint portal. This effort is to encourage all residents of our community to be conscious of the condition of their property and its importance in keeping a well-maintained and safe neighborhood. The following are examples of the common items that will be inspected.

Main Residence: Make sure that the outside of the home is intact and debris free. Siding & shutters should be properly hung or replaced if broken. Painting the main body of the home is encouraged every 7-10 years.

Landscape Maintenance: Maintain the landscape free from all weeds and all uncultivated plant growth and any landscaping that is dead and/or dry. Visible bare dirt must be maintained with ground cover and should be improved with rock, gravel or grass. Remember to maintain your property and adjacent right of ways from the center line of alleys to curbs easements. Trees should have a minimum of 7’ clearance over all sidewalks and alleys

Vehicles: Make sure that all vehicles are operable with current registrations and are parked in your garage or on a public street. No vehicle can be parked within 3 feet of main alley surface. This area is for loading and unloading only. Parking vehicles in alleys impacts your neighbor’s ability to access their garage.

Outside storage: Storage of any personal property or trash that is visible from outside the fence of the property is highly discouraged and can constitute a violation. Basketball hoops and other sports goals should always be stored on your property (at least 3’ from main alley surface). Permanent basketball hoops should be mounted on the garage face or 3’ from alley surface if mounted in-ground.

Trash: Remove all trash, litter, debris from outside your fence line. Ensure your trash is in an approved trash container. We recommend that containers not be stored within 3 feet of the main alley surface except on trash collection days. Trash Cans can be considered an encumbrance if not neatly stored on the property between collection days. 

Please keep in mind that this is a list of common code violations our office enforces. If violations of the Community Maintenance Standard are observed during this inspection process, a Notice of Violation to correct the conditions may be issued. If violations remain, enforcement action may occur and can include MCA fines and penalties.

Property Owners and Sub-Association Responsibilities

Section 7.5 of the CCR's states: Units to be Maintained. Owners of a Unit are responsible for the maintenance, repair and replacement of the properties located within their Unit boundaries except as such maintenance, repair and replacement are expressly the obligation of the applicable Sub-association for that unit. Each Unit , shall, at all times, be kept in a clean, sightly and wholesome condition.

Section 7.6 of the CCR's states: Landscaping Requirements of Owners/Restrictions and Maintenance Covenants. All portions of a Unit not improved with a residence, building, driveway, walkways, patios or decks (referred to as the unimproved area or landscaped areas of a Unit) shall be landscaped by the Owner thereof or a builder other than the Declarant. Any portions of the Unit that are not landscaped by the Builder, must be fully landscaped by the Unit Owner, no later than one (1) year after the first occupancy of any portion of the Unit. The landscaping of each Unit, having once been installed, shall be maintained by the Owner, or the applicable owner association (in the case of multifamily parcels), in a neat, attractive, sightly and well-kept condition, which shall include lawns mowed, hedges, shrubs, and trees pruned and trimmed, adequate watering, replacement of dead, diseased or unsightly materials, and removal of weeds and debris.

Community Maintenance Standards

This is the official policy of the MCA regarding property maintenance standards. All maintenance standards policy are enforced pursuant to the Community Declaration.

A.  Landscaping – At all times there shall be some type of landscape material installed. Visible bare dirt must be maintained with ground cover and should be improved with rock, gravel or grass.

B.  Bushes/Plants/Trees – It is the responsibility of the occupant and/or owner to cut and remove all tree branches lower than 7 feet over sidewalks. Perennials and shrubs shall not overhang sidewalks or alleys.

C.  Weeds/Grass – It is the responsibility of the occupant and/or owner of any property to cut and remove all grass/weeds over 6 inches in height. Weeds/grass outside rear and side fences to curb and from the center line of the alley to rear yard must also be removed. Ratio of weeds to grass shall not exceed ¼ total area of grass.

D.  Exterior Maintenance – All structures must be maintained in a state of good repair weather tight and painted.

E.  Fences – All fences must be maintained in good structural condition including pickets, rails and posts. Design review shall be required for the moving of a fence line from its original location. The original fence location is that one which was installed when the home was originally built.

F.  Alleys – It is the responsibility of the owners to clean and maintain the area from the property line to the center line of the ally. This includes but is not limited to tree trimming, cutting weeds, disposing of trash and shoveling snow. Only landscaping is permitted to be installed within 3 feet of any alley surface. All other installation must have written approval by the MCA.

G.  Parking Surfaces/Driveway– It shall be prohibited to park any vehicle in an alley. Parking of any type of vehicle and/or trailer on the landscaped portion of the yard is prohibited. Please note, the alley ROW extends 3 ft. from the concrete surface.

H.  Encumberments – The MCA shall order the removal of any article, vehicle or thing whatsoever found to be encumbering any alley, alley easement, alley right of way or sidewalk surface.

I.  Snow Removal – It shall be the responsibility of the occupants and/or owner within 24 hours of a snowfall, to remove all snow from all sidewalks adjacent to their property.