Park Rules

The following are not allowed in the park:

  • Dogs off-leash
  • Leaving personal property in park overnight
  • Damage to park property 
  • Skateboarding or inline skating
  • Disturbing the peace of others 
  • Littering
  • Glass Bottles
  • Using or selling drugs
  • Weapons, fires or fireworks
  • Gambling
  • Motorized vehicles

A valid MCA permit is required for any activity or event which require one or more of the following:

  • Exclusive use of the park
  • Marketing or promoting goods, a business or organization
  • Scheduled activity of more than 20 people
  • Jump castle or other heavy equipment
  • Petting zoos, pony rides or live animals (other than domestic pets)
  • Amplified sound
  • Vendors or catering
  • Private Outdoor Fee Based Activities (PFOA)**
  • Organized sporting events that incur a charge for participants
  • Camping overnight
  • The selling of goods or services
  • Installing a canopy, tent, etc. using stakes greater than 12 inches in length

Please Note:  programs sponsored by the MCA will take precedence over private reservations.

Park Hours: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM

To report park issues call MCA: 303-388-0724


**Private Outdoor Fee-Based Activity (POFA) is defined as a class, clinic, camp, guided activity, program or related service organized and offered by a Permittee for which a payment, fee or other consideration is expected to be made to the Permittee. POFA is by invitation-only or open to the public in general. POFA must be generally recreational in nature or a common and customary park use.