Message From SUN

July 1st

We appreciate every submitted idea in this community-driven process of searching for a new name. With an updated list of now 331 names, we have recreated the straw poll and are inviting you to participate once again.  The results from both Straw Poll-I (June 25-June 29, 1726 responses), and Straw Poll-II (June 30-July 5) will be given to the Advisory Board when they meet next week. As such, Straw Poll-II musts close on Sunday July 5th at 9pm MST. Official community voting will begin in mid July, and is expected to take place in more than one phase, resulting in a final name by August 1st.

Straw Poll II is now live (7/1/2020, 12:01am) and will remain open until Sunday evening (7/5/2020, 9pm). Straw Poll-II includes all names that were suggested through June 29th, there are 331. The format is similar to the first poll with 5 response options per name, but names are now grouped by theme rather than alphabetically. We expect this will take 15-30 minutes to complete.  

Link to Straw Poll II:

Across 16 pages:
1. Suggestions that draw on existing names (1-22): 22 names
2. Names connecting several themes (23-47): 25 names
3. Aviation (48-91) **longest page: 44 names**
4. Denver or Colorado figures (92-122): 31 names
5. Aspiration (123-165) - ** 2nd longest page: 43 names**
6. Elected Officials (166-181) 15 names
7. Celestial (182-203) 22 names
8. National Figures (204-226) 23 names
9. Directional names (227-237) 11 names
10. Native American Tribe names (238-246) 9 names
11. Geography-related names (247-263) 17 names
12. Nature-rooted names (269-284) 21 names
13. Names related to the view (285-299) 15 names
14. Names rooted in fiction (300-307) 8 names
15. Sports-related names (308-315) 8 names
16. Other names (316-331) 16 names  

Daily updates posted:


June 25th
SUN hosted a public meeting last night to finalize voting procedures for the renaming process, including composition of an Advisory Board, which will be responsible for whittling down the current 150+ name suggestions to 8-16 with input from the community and other community stakeholders.
You can review the current list of suggested names for the neighborhood posted here at the bottom of this page.

We welcome residents to participate at this stage in two additional ways:

1. If you don't see your preferred name listed, you can add your suggestion and supporting comments to SUNs Change the Name Suggestions form through the end of day on Monday, June 29th. Attachments should be emailed separately to

2. If you would like to provide additional support or feedback on a name, please complete the straw poll here
Your submissions and feedback on the straw poll will be provided to an advisory board made up of diverse community stakeholder representatives who will be responsible for bringing a selection of names back to the community for an official vote.
The community's official voting will begin in mid-July as noted in this timeline:
1. June 19 - 26: Open call to the community for name ideas on SUN's website and formation of Advisory Board  
2. June 27 - July 6:  Advisory Board members privately review submissions
3. July 7-8-9: Advisory board meets to narrow down name suggestions
○ Each of the 8-16 names will be accompanied by a one-page write-up making the case for                  the name
○ The advisory board will be made up of the following:
·         2 SUN Board Members
·         2 MCA Delegates
·         1 representative selected by Black Lives Matter 
·         1 member of Citizens Advisory Board 
·         1 member of GSBA
·         1 person nominated by Councilman Herndon   
·         1 representative selected by Rename St*pleton for All
·         1 student from a local High School
·         Facilitated by an expert provided by the City and County of Denver
·         Administrative Support provided by SUN volunteer, and MCA staff
4. July 13 - July 31: Voting by community members, potentially in multiple rounds 
5. August 1: New name is announced
The next public meeting for this discussion will be announced on SUN's webpage and through its email distribution list. To sign up to be included please visit: The next regularly schedule monthly meeting is July 21 at 630pm. 
Please help spread the word to your neighbors as this a community decision. Renaming our neighborhood is a unique and important opportunity. Join the conversation - your voice matters.