Design Review Board

General Restrictions

To make the Stapleton Community reflect the character of Denver, there are few restrictions or rules. The primary requirement of the Community Declaration is that the owner maintain their property in a clean, sightly, wholesome condition and landscaping must be installed within one year of occupancy. City and County of Denver ordinances must always be followed. For the most part, the Association will rely on the “best judgment” of owners to conduct themselves in a manner that will be sensitive to neighbors. (Please refer to Article 9 of the Community Declaration for more detailed information.)

Design Review Request Form Design Review Request Form (84 KB)

Forms and proposed renderings can either be mailed, dropped off or emailed to


Design Review 


Stapleton Design Review Committee (SDRC) is limited to residential units and is only for material changes to the exterior of a home.


Approval by SDRC IS REQUIRED for improvements involving:


Approval by SDRC IS NOT REQUIRED for improvements involving: