Stingray Programs


Squirts | 5 & 6 years | Entry Program
SSL: Stapleton Swim League | 5 & Older | Introduction to Recreational Swim Team
Metro Swim League | 5 & Older | Traditional Swim Team
Synchronized Swimming | 6 & Older
Dive Team | 6 & Older

The Stapleton Stingray programs are designed to develop each swimmer to his or her greatest potential.  Participants practice and work together in an atmosphere that builds self-confidence, promotes positive team spirit, teaches and improves stroke performance, and builds endurance.  The Stingray programs are designed to adapt to all ages of swimmers while providing a quality experience for all skill levels.   The only requirement to participation is that swimmers be able to complete 25 meters of  Freestyle and 25 meters of Backstroke.  Click the above links for further information about each team. 

Parent Volunteer Information


Parent volunteers are asked to sign up for three volunteer shifts, usually timing at meets but other options such as helping with photo day, beer fest, etc. are available, via the event on TeamUnify. This season we have two “one and done” options. Helping at the July 4th pancake breakfast or by donating an old iPhone or iPod for the new SSL timing system. Parents that meet the volunteer requirements will receive the refund in September, unfortunately we are unable to give refunds for previous years.


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