Junior Lifeguard Program        


The Stapleton MCA is pleased to offer a Jr. Lifeguarding program for 14 year old boys and girls. These teens will spend their summer working hand in hand with experienced lifeguards, swim instructors and swim team coaches.
Stapleton Jr. Lifeguards will be introduced to lifeguarding while volunteering at all of Stapleton’s popular outdoor pools. This program will include instruction time in the classroom and in the water covering these five critical areas:
Prevention: Teaches how to prevent drowning and diving accidents.
Fitness: Develops swimming skills and general physical ability for lifeguarding responsibilities.
Response: Develops an understanding of the basics of emergency response techniques and provides practice of lifeguarding skills.
Leadership: Teaches the decision-making and communication skills necessary to succeed as a lifeguard.
Professionalism: Instructs participants in key skills and attitudes for the important and vital job of lifeguarding.             
The program will allow teens the chance to aid instructors during swimming lessons and assist in other areas of the Stapleton Community during special events.
This is a great opportunity for teens to enjoy a summer outdoors, build the confidence and teamwork skills necessary to becoming a professional lifeguard.              
The Jr. Lifeguard Program runs from June to August.