Junior Lifeguard Program        

Application deadline was May 15, please check back next spring for further information.


The Stapleton Junior Lifeguard program is designed for 14-year-old participants to help build a foundation of knowledge, attitudes and skills for future lifeguards. This course is only open to Stapleton Residents, participants must be 14 by the conclusion of the classes (generally mid-June). The course also introduces participants to lifesaving skills, such as in-water rescues and use of a rescue tube. Participants also have the opportunity to shadow lifeguards in rotation to get a real sense of being on the job while shadowing at Stapleton’s outdoor facilities. The program will allow teens the chance to aid lifeguards and lesson instructors, in addition to assisting in other areas of the Stapleton Community. This course has a maximum of 24 participants. *Note: This is not a Lifeguard Training class.

Cost $125
Once accepted into the program you will be sent instructions on how to pay through your Active Net account, fees must be paid prior to the first day of class. Please note: This course is only open to Stapleton Residents, participants should be 14 by the conclusions of the classes (generally mid-June).  

Application & Prerequisite Swim Test
Applications will be accepted beginning May 1; due to the increased demand of the program, the deadline to submit Junior Lifeguard applications is May 15. Applications can be submitted via email or by dropping off at The Cube (8371 E Northfield Blvd). Late applications will not be accepted.

There will be a prerequisite swim test prior to the first day of class; participants must pass all prerequisites to be considered for the Junior Lifeguard Program.

  • 200 Swim (a combination of Front Crawl and Breaststroke)
  • Retrieve a 10lb brick from 12 foot depth
  • Tread water for 1 minute

Participants will be notified following the swim test for acceptance into the program and how to pay for the course.                  

Classes will be held at the Stapleton MCA Community Room (7350 E. 29th Ave, suite 300), Runway 35 Pool (8863 E. 47th Ave) and Jet Stream Pool (3574 Alton St). Instructors will email a course syllabus to each participant prior to the first day.  All classes must be attended, if a participant is unable to make all classes a full refund will be given. Makeups will not be permitted.

Class Dates:                

Shadow Hours
Once training is complete, participants will have until August 30th to complete a total of 40 Hours of shadowing at the facilities. (Must be scheduled through pool managers.) 

Shadow hours should be completed as follows:

  • 20 hours minimum shadow guarding (3 hours maximum shifts)
  • 8 hours minimum instructor aid at morning or evening lessons
  • 4 hours minimum at a Stapleton swim meet
  • Additional hours may be completed at desired

-Junior Lifeguards are not guaranteed employment with the Stapleton MCA 

-This is NOT a Lifeguard Training Course

-The Stapleton MCA does not typically hire 15-year old lifeguards. The MCA may hire for programming hours with positions available and the applicant is certified in Lifeguard Training, First Aid, CPR and AED.

-Participants that successfully complete the Junior Lifeguard program will be invited to participate in a Lifeguard Training course the following season at a discounted rate.