Trash Collection Service Guidelines




  • Set the black trash cart out by 7 AM on your collection day.
  • Place the trash cart at least 2 feet from obstructions such as garage overhangs, cars, fences, poles, overflow trash, large items or other collection containers that may prevent the automated truck from emptying it.
  • Prevent litter by bagging all trash and keeping the trash cart lid closed whenever possible.
  • Do not put construction debris, sod, dirt or branches in the trash cart.
  • Store the black trash cart on your property, out of public view, in between collection days.
  • If your trash day and street sweeping day occasionally coincide, visit Trash Collection and Street Sweeping for instructions.


  • During your scheduled Extra Trash service collection week, your extra trash must be set out by 7 AM on your normal trash collection day.
  • Extra Trash is any material left outside of your City-issued black trash cart. Only trash inside the black trash cart is collected weekly.
  • Extra trash should not be stored at the curb on non-collection days. Store your trash on your property, out of public view, until your scheduled collection day.
  • A maximum of 10 bags and 5 large items will be collected from each home per extra trash collection (every 4 weeks).
  • Use your black trash cart to full capacity. Heavy items should be placed in the bottom and the lid may be open to a 45-degree angle. The lid must not exceed 45 degrees and trash must not be placed on top of the cart lid.

Storing your Collection Cart

All trash, recycling and compost carts must be stored on your property in between collections. You may set your carts out as early as the night before your collection day and then return your carts to your property within a day after collection occurs.

Keeping carts out of the alley and off the streets will:

  • Ensure each neighbor takes responsibility for their own waste and carts
  • Ensure each neighbor has access to the public right-of-way
  • Improve the appearance of the alley
  • Prevent cart loss, damage, misuse and vandalism
  • Minimize recycling and compost contamination (non-acceptable items can contaminate entire loads)
  • Reduce litter and the potential for illegal dumping
  • Discourage waste scavengers in your neighborhood

It is your responsibility to manage and care for your city-issued carts. Take pride in your neighborhood and bring your carts back.

Solid Waste Management reserves the right to remove recycling carts that are improperly used. Improper use includes trash in carts, carts left in the public right-of-way (including the alley), abuse or destruction of carts outside of normal wear and tear, and other uses deemed inappropriate by the City.