Name Change Ballot Information & Clarifications

JUNE FRONT PORCH ARTICLE (describes in detail the voting process)

JULY FRONT PORCH ARTICLE (adds additional clarifications and community opinions) 



  • To maintain a confidential vote, all authentication was moved to the envelope itself and removed from the ballot. At one point in setting up the ballot it was thought signatures would be included. However, it was decided to instead assign a number to each ballot and envelope. Unfortunately, that language was retained in the letter portion of the ballot document when we changed the format of the ballot to a secret ballot. Ballots with signatures will be valid, but anyone can request to review ballots.

We only got one ballot and our household disagrees on how to vote. How can our ballot be counted?

  • State statutes apply to the governing documents of planned urban developments like Stapleton and those statutes give one vote per property owner. Following the property owners’ vote, the delegates will vote on a recommendation to the MCA Board. The delegates are obligated to cast their vote in proportion to the votes cast in their district IF a quorum of 10% of the ballots in that district is met. If your household disagrees and leaves a question blank, your ballot will still be counted toward the quorum in your district. If a quorum of 10% is not met, the delegate can choose how to cast their vote. You received a stamped self-addressed envelope with your ballot to encourage wide participation in this vote.

We have received several questions regarding the ballot issues and wanted to provide some clarification for each question.

Question #1— This asks whether to legally remove the name Stapleton or retain it.

Question #2— This is a vote on whether the MCA should or should not impose a one-time assessment, not to exceed the current monthly cost ($43/property), to cover costs of a name change, including engaging the community to find an alternative name.

Question #3—If you think the community name should only be changed by a vote of the community, vote in favor of amending the MCA governing document. If you think the community delegates and board should retain the right to change the name, vote against amending the document.

All ballots should be returned to: COMMUNITY NAME REFERENDUM C/O Jim Moore & Associates 3131 S Vaughn Way, Suite 120. Aurora CO. 80014 (using self addressed stamped envelope provided in the referendum mailing) as he has been retained by the MCA to do the independent counting and authentication of each ballot.

Ballots must be returned by July 31, 2019.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns:


We will have provisional ballots available for pick up Monday July 8th at the below locations/times.

The Cube 8371 E Northfield Blvd= Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9-4pm

29th Ave 7350 E 29th Ave Suite 300 = Thursday and Friday 11-5pm