MCA Name Change Initiative-Results

Initiative to Rename Stapleton Fails

Stapleton property and business owners vote to retain community’s name.

The Stapleton Master Community Association (MCA) membership - comprised of all property and business owners within Stapleton - voted overwhelmingly against a referendum to rename Stapleton with 65% of electors opposing the measure. David A. Firmin of Altitude Community Law, the law firm selected to independently manage the mail ballot election, reported that 2,282 electors voted against the name change and 1,216 electors voted for the name change.

Delegates elected to represent 10 districts within the MCA put forward the referendum this June to solicit community feedback before voting to legally remove or retain the name Stapleton from the association’s governing documents. The community’s name came from Stapleton Airport which was relocated to Denver International Airport, making way for the 4,700 acre neighborhood. While residents continue to associate Stapleton with the former airport, activists within and outside the community led the call for a name change citing the airport namesake’s historic association with the Ku Klux Klan.

Under current rules, MCA delegates will send a non-binding recommendation on the name change to be determined by a final vote of the MCA Board of Directors. Brookfield, the master developer, has the power to veto the Board’s decision, but has publicly committed to accept the Board recommendation.

Voters also opposed a one-time special assessment to cover the cost incurred in rebranding the community and opposed an amendment requiring future name change initiatives to be determined by a majority vote of property owners.

34% of owners returned ballots in the election. In the past, turnout for MCA elections has rarely reached 10%.

MCA Name Change Initiative-Results MCA Name Change Initiative-Results (678 KB)