Denver Public Library has been opening ideaLABs across our branches for 5 years now, with spaces at the Central, Montbello, Hampden, Hadley, and "Corky" Gonzales libraries - and we'll be opening one at the Sam Gary Branch Library in late 2019.


What are ideaLABs? They are makerspaces: free community spaces to make things, for people of all ages. Do you need to produce videos, repair something, make jewelry, sew, or learn about electronics? The ideaLABs aim to provide the tools, resources, and community you need to make your projects happen. Much of the time in the ideaLABs is open lab time - you drop in with an idea, and the staff and volunteers there will help you get started. We also offer workshops and 1:1 appointments to train you up on software and tools. You can find a lot more information about the labs that are currently open at


The tools available vary from lab to lab - Central features a lot of 3D printers, Hampden has a laser cutter - as we try to match the resources available in each lab to the interests of the community. As part of our planning for the Sam Gary lab, we're asking people in east Denver what they would like to see inside it. What are the things you're already making at home? What could we have at the library that would let you take that to the next level? Would you like access to sewing machines, sergers, or quilting machines? Would you like access to a laser cutter, CNC machine, or 3D printer? Would a vinyl cutter or a screen printing set up or a printing press be more your jam? Are there specialized tools you've always wanted to lay your hands on? Please let us know - we hope to create a space that will be useful to makers and creators of all ages, and your feedback will be a key part of making that happen.


The link to the survey is