Staff Directory

ADMINISTRATION   303-388-0724  
  Keven Burnett Executive Director x103 Email
  Jenifer Graham Business Director
x102 Email
  Lawrence Uhling Administrative Assistant x110 Email
  Rachael Vincent-Newell The Cube Manager x122
  Susan Graham   Front Desk Support x120  Email
  Stacey Wills Residential Assessments Specialist x170 Email
  Jennifer Clair Commercial Assessment Specialist 720-974-4119 Email
  Diane Deeter
Community Director  x104
  Jennifer Olsen                         Communications Manager                        
x107 Email
  Dana Kinney  Event Manager x109 Email
  Rachael Vincent-Newell The Cube Manager x122 Email
  Dean Rodgers Event Coordinator   Email
  Jess Valeta
Event Coordinator   Email
  Paula Deorio
Aquatics Director
x105 Email
 Gretchen Wittkowski   Membership & Reservations Manager x108 Email
  John Baake  Aquatic Facilities Manager  x116 Email
  Keven Burnett Executive Director x103 Email
  Jeff Wessel
  Facility Manager 
x116 Email
  Jacob Salazar Facility Specialist   Email