Harry Potter Lock-In

Date: 01-Feb-2019
Capacity: Not Set


Harry Potter Lock-In

Friday through Saturday, February 1st through 2nd | 2:30pm (Friday, 2/1)-10:00am (Saturday, 2/2) | The Cube


Witches and Wizards will be sorted into houses, where we will show all eight Harry Potter movies. Beginning at 2:30pm, Witches and Wizards will be sorted into their Hogwarts house. Parents will have the opportunity to meet the head of their child's house and photo opp. At 5:00pm, the Hogwarts gates close to parents, dementors and death eaters. While movies are showing, students will be entertained with crafts, food and snacks from Honeydukes. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part II will finish by 10:00am, at which time the gates will re-open, all students should be picked up by 10:00am.

Things to bring:

-Sleeping Bag & Pillow
-Come in night time attire (lounge wear or pajamas), there will be no changing of clothes
-Toothbrush/Toothpaste and any other overnight toiletries
-Water Bottles - there is a refill station at the Cube

Please do not bring:
-Outside Snacks (for extreme food allergies, please contact the MCA)
-Any electronics (no cell phones or smart watches please)

Residents of Stapleton can register online via their online Active Net account, click here!

Non Residents can fill out the registration form, the MCA will contact you when processing the form for payment.

* This event is for children in Grades 2nd through 5th